Fiestas de la Paloma 2023: timetables, programme…

Aug 10, 2023

Every year, on 15 August, Madrid dresses up to celebrate one of its most emblematic events: the Fiestas de La Paloma. This colourful and lively festival is a showcase of the city’s rich tradition and culture, attracting locals and visitors alike. For several days, the streets are filled with music, dancing, religious processions and activities for all ages. In this article, we will explore the history, traditions and joy surrounding the Fiestas de La Paloma in Madrid.

Historical Origins

The Fiestas de La Paloma have their roots in the religious celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which takes place on August 15th. The Virgen de La Paloma is the patron saint of the La Latina neighbourhood in Madrid, and her festivity has become an occasion to merge religious devotion with community celebration.

The Party in the Streets of Madrid

The festive atmosphere of the Fiestas de La Paloma overflows into the streets of Madrid. For several days, the neighbourhood of La Latina and its surroundings are transformed into a stage for activities and entertainment for all ages. From concerts and dancing in the square to traditional food stalls and fairs, the diversity of options is impressive.

The Procession of La Paloma

One of the highlights of the festivities is the procession of the Virgen de La Paloma. Dressed in her finery, the image of the Virgin is carried in procession through the streets of the neighbourhood, accompanied by a crowd of faithful and curious onlookers. The procession is a spectacle full of religious fervour, music and typical dances.

The Tradition of the Giants and Big-heads

A fundamental part of the Fiestas de La Paloma is the participation of the giants and big-heads. These giant figures, representing historical and folkloric characters, dance through the streets while the big-heads playfully interact with the crowd, bringing joy to the little ones and adding a playful touch to the celebrations.

The Importance of Music and Dancing

Music and dance are essential elements of the Fiestas de La Paloma. The stages are filled with musical groups performing traditional genres such as chotis, pasodobles and zarzuelas, generating an atmosphere of contagious joy. In the squares and streets, people come together to dance and celebrate, creating a unique festive atmosphere.

What day is the day of La Paloma in Madrid?

This festivity is celebrated on the 15th of August with the procession of the Virgen de La Paloma through the streets of Madrid.

Where is the Virgen de la Paloma celebrated?

In the enclave of La Latina is located the church dedicated to the Virgen de la Paloma, and through this text we will reveal its origin, location and the reason behind its commemoration on August 15th. The well-known area of La Latina dresses up every year in August to celebrate the festivities in honour of the Virgen de la Paloma.

Full programme of the Fiestas de La Paloma 2023

Friday 11th August

21.00 to 23.00 – Chotis Contest (Plaza Virgen de la Paloma)

Saturday 12th August

12.00 to 17.00 and 19.00 to 2.00 – Campeonato castizo de mus (in different venues, see official programme at the end of the news)

19.00 – Children’s fan-painting workshop (Plaza de la Paja)

19.30 – Children’s traditional costume competition (Plaza de la Paja)

20.00 – Children’s music (Jardines de las Vistillas)

21.00 – Performance by Agrupación de Madrileños y Amigos Los Castizos (Plaza de la Paja)

22.00 – Performance by Agrupación el Orgullo de Madrid (Plaza de la Paja)

23.00 – Performance by Manuel de Segura (Plaza de la Paja)

0.00 – Salve a la Virgen de la Paloma (Plaza de la Paja)

0.15 – DJ Pakito (Plaza de la Paja)

Sunday 13th August

19.30 – Face painting and children’s music (Jardines de las Vistillas)

20.00 – Fan competition (Plaza de la Paja)

20.00 – Castiza performance by the Agrupación de Madrileños y Amigos Los Castizos (Plaza de la Paja)

20.00 – Competition: The longest scream (Jardines de las Vistillas)

21.00 – Castiza performance by Olga María Ramos (Jardines de las Vistillas)

22.00 – Tribute performance to Hombres G by Voy a pasármelo G (Plaza de la Paja)

22.15 – Performance by Silvina Magari (Jardines de las Vistillas)

23.30 – Stellar performance by La Pegatina (Jardines de las Vistillas)

0.00 – Salve to the Virgen de la Paloma (Plaza de la Paja)

0.30 am – Performance by street musician Mario Siles Cuarteto (Plaza de la Paja)

01.30 – DJ (Plaza de la Paja)

1.30 – DJ (Jardines de las Vistillas)

12.00 to 17.00 and 19.00 to 2.00 – Campeonato castizo de mus (at different venues, see official programme at the end of the news item)

19.00 – Family performance El mago Pablo (Jardines de las Vistillas)

19.00 – Circus performance Desde Daltonia (Plaza de la Paja)

19.30 – Skill contest: Drinking from a porrón (Plaza de la Paja)

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